Wednesday, June 21, 2006

No, really! The "lost" LP is coming soon!

New update:

Say & Stay Said
Saturday, 17 June 2006: More news about new stuff, Everybell shows...

So, ok. Here's the deal. I know that I've said this stuff before, and I promised to not say it anymore, but we're going to have the decembers architects cd out by the second week in August. We're also going to have a big cd release show for it, and it's going to be great, and everyone should go to it.

"How can you have a cd release show for a band that doesn't play shows?" you ask, "Wouldn't that just be one of those kinda cheesy 'listening parties' where nobody plays, and everyone just sits around listening to the cd they're about to buy, drinking beer and talking over it and stuff?"

No. This isn't going to be like that. We're still pinning down the details, but what we do know, is that we're going to have a whole bunch of post-decembers architects bands, including Everybell & Whistle, Les Ourses, Fiery Fire and a super special Birthmark performance. For people that might not know, Birthmark is the solo-ish project of Nate Kinsella, who used to play drums and stuff for decembers architects. He's currently one of the invincible forces behind Chicago's Make Believe, as well as Joan of Arc. Both bands have notoriously busy touring/recording/etc. schedules, so it'll be really nice to have Nate back here for a little while.

Also related to that, is that we're going to try to have the Birthmark 7" out around the same time too...Nate sent me the recordings a while ago, and we're about ready to get the vinyl pressed and all of that, so it should work out.

A big thank you to the former members of the Decembers Architects, Tom at Adonis Music, Say and Stay Said, and everyone else for their contributions in helping get this album to the public.


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"Although we are no longer a band, I think that record is great and it would be a goddamn shame to just forget about it." --Nate Holtz, frontman of DA, on the unreleased LP

"Their music is ten years ahead of its time." --Tom Elko, Adonis Music

"It was the bands live show and almost prog-like experimentation that distances themselves from the rest. A melding of hyperactive punk, garage rock decor, and an unorthodoxed, yet cohesive, focused and insightful tempo exchanges." --Dry Guy